Light meals

Diverse open sandwiches/ filled sandwiches
Green leafy salad
Colourful mixed salad
Salad with boiled meat
Tuna salad
Salad with sausage/ Salad with cheese and sausage
Bündnerteller (plate of dried, cured beef)
Burehamme (plate of ham)
Portion of chips
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken wings
Schnitzel sandwich
Meat loaf with a fried egg

Main meals

Fitnessteller (schnitzel and mixed salads)
Schnitzel stuffed with cheese and ham
Pan fried pork schnitzel
Wiener Schnitzel (veal)
Schnitzel in a creamy mushroom sauce
Saltimbocca (marinated veal topped with prosciutto and sage)
Cutlet with herb butter
Steak with pepper sauce or with herb butter
Beef entrecôte

Vegetarian dishes
Plate of mixed vegetables
Walliser rösti (Swiss potato dish) with toasted cheese
Veggie millet schnitzel in tomato sauce

Side dishes
Vegetables, rösti, chips, rice, croquettes, noodles cooked in butter.


  • Menu of the day
    Soup, salad and main course
  • Sundays
    two four course menus available